Anti-discrimination Work

Our Anti-discrimination Workshop pack is designed to give opportunities for young people and adults to learn about issues of diversity and inclusion and challenge hate in their communities.

We can now offer FREE workshops for schools, youth and community groups. Email us at to find out more. 

The pack is a resource to be used by and with young people and adults, especially in schools, youth and community groups. It meets #WeStandTogether’s agenda of creating opportunities for people to meet with their peers in neighbourhoods, find out about each other and, as well as enjoy areas of agreement, celebrate their differences. Our solution to division is togetherness and dialogue and a belief that building respect and understanding as people connect helps us feel safer and happier.

For those who share this agenda, we would call on you to utilise the Pack in planning a local event for #WeStandTogether month in May. If you want to play an active role towards the deterrence of discrimination today, visit and submit your event that brings together all the diverse people in your local community. You could also decide to keep it simpler and just invite people to #HaveACuppaTogether.

Whatever you decide, we are there to help. Email us on and we’ll do whatever we can, within our capacity, to help make your event a success.

Download the pack for free here.