Affiliate Awards 


#WeStandTogether is giving away £12,500 in funding to its affiliates in Greater Manchester to help organizations, groups, and communities that are focused on promoting social cohesion take their work further. 

Apply for the #WeStandTogether Affiliate Awards through the form below. Before applying, please take a moment to read the guide below to understand the timeline, eligibility, and key steps.

If you not affiliated with #WeStandTogether yet, please affiliate here.



The Affiliate Awards are open to #WeStandTogether Affiliates in Greater Manchester

Deadline to Apply

Applications for the Affiliate Awards are now closed.

#WeStandTogether Conference including Award Presentations:

Monday 30th May 2022


Awards Available

Up to £2,500 to the project with the greatest impact; up to £1,000 to 5 further projects and up to £500 to 10 more.

Need Help?

Email for any queries regarding the affiliate awards.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Get Affiliated:

Establish a local #WeStandTogether group with at least 5 members, hopefully from diverse backgrounds. This can exist under the umbrella of your existing organisation.


Affiliate the Working Group/Committee/Project Group/ partnership to We Stand Together. This can be done here.

Step 2: Hold a #WeStandTogetherEvent

Run an activity, or series of activities, in person or on-line, bringing at least 25 people together from diverse backgrounds. These could be workshops, celebrations, dialogues or anything else that helps build understanding and respect.


This must be done in tandem with your We Stand Together affiliated Committee/Project/Working Group/ Partnership.

Step 3: Evaluate the Activity

Ensure that the activity is clearly evaluated to show evidence of increased understanding and respect.

Step 4: Fill out the form and submit your application

Complete a simple report on the activity, its outcomes, its cost, what particular cohesion issues you face in your neighborhood and how it manifests itself and future plans.


This report should then be submitted via the affiliate award application form below.

Affiliate Award Application