Affiliate Awards

Affiliate to We Stand Together and, if you run great local cohesion activities, you could win a share of £12,500.

#WeStandTogether is the Greater Manchester brand for cohesion and, as the charity established to take this agenda forward, we are delighted to give your organisation the opportunity to receive a grant to help achieve our goals.

The process is slightly different from other grants but, we believe, very exciting:

1.      Establish a local #WeStandTogether Committee/Project/Working Group with at least 5 members, hopefully from diverse backgrounds (age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability etc.);

2.      Affiliate the Working Group/Committee/Project Group to We Stand Together – see our affiliation page;

3.      Run an activity, or series of activities, in person or on-line, bringing at least 25 people together from diverse backgrounds. These could be workshops, celebrations, dialogues or anything else that helps build understanding and respect;

4.      Ensure that the activity is clearly evaluated to show evidence of increased understanding and respect. We will supply an exemplar to help;

5.      Complete a simple report on the activity, its outcomes, its cost, what particular cohesion issues you face in your neighbourhood and how it manifests itself and future plans either in writing or on a video or any other way that works for you.

6.      We will review all reports and award up to £2,500 to the project with the greatest impact; up to £1,000 to 5 further projects and up to £500 to 10 more.

You may be a local tenants or residents group, a neighbourhood association, a community association, a faith group partnering with other local organisations or any other group, whether constituted or not.

We can advise you on where to elicit further funding from for your activity, help with ideas and implementation, as well as with evaluation and reporting.

Our Awards are now rescheduled to March due to the difficulty many have had setting up #WeStandTogether initiatives during the pandemic.
Submit new applications by 5pm on Sunday 27th February 2022.


Submit your report on your cohesion activities using the word document or form below. You can include events you run in Hate Crime Awareness Week in February 2022 or any time up to the closing date.

The winning projects will now be chosen at the start of Marc h 2022 and we will present the Awards at our #WeStandTogether Conference towards the end of March 2022.

Feel free to fill out your Affiliate Awards form using this word document or filling the form below

Affiliate Awards Form.docx

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