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  • Bi-monthly Difficult Dialogues bringing people together to discuss issues such as ‘faith, gender and sexuality’, ‘Brexit’s impact on cohesion’, ‘Sensitivity to political correctness’, ‘Disability under attack’ and ‘Equality Conflicts: Class and Race’.
  • #YouthStandTogether initiative developing anti-discrimination resources, events and workshops with schools and youth groups. It will bring diverse young people together to challenge discrimination and stereotyping faced and come up with practical actions to take themselves.
  • We write a #WeStandTogether column every other week for the Manchester Evening News to educate on diversity and challenging hate.
  • We run hate crime awareness events bringing together diverse groups to challenge hate and take action back in their communities.
  • We respond to community conflicts alongside partner organisations representing diverse communities across Greater Manchester.
  • We are liaising with the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Office and GMCA in relation to actions from their Cohesion Report, ‘A Shared Future’, that recognised the key role of our #WeStandTogether charity in raising awareness of social cohesion.
  • We are developing #WeStandTogether Month in May as an opportunity for local groups to run cohesion and challenging hate events.




Our Anti-discrimination Project has been awarded a grant from the Big Lottery Fund through the Awards for All programme for our ‘Advancing #WeStandTogether’ initiative. The aims of the project are to:

  • Address discrimination and celebrate diversity
  • Bring people together and build strong relationships
  • Enable people to participate and feel included in their communities
  • Develop practical actions to help people feel positive about all our futures

We are currently developing resources for our new anti-discrimination project, which consists of delivering interactive workshops in schools, colleges, youth and community groups engaging as wide a spectrum of participants as possible.The resources will enable participants to learn about different cultures, faiths, disabilities, nationalities, gender identities and sexual orientations; discuss their perceptions and the different discrimination and stereotyping faced; how this can be challenged and come up with practical actions to take themselves.Specific objectives for the Anti-discrimination Project, are:

  • Over 85% of those involved report an increase in knowledge of diverse communities
  • Over 85% of those involved report increased positivity to other cultures, faiths, disabilities, nationalities, gender identities and sexual orientations

If you would like to be involved as a volunteer, either individually or as an organisation, and work with us to develop the resources or help deliver workshops, we would love to hear from you.

Please email robert@westandtogether.org.uk to get involved.

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